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When it comes to purchasing a new AC unit, Florida Breeze is Melbourne and Brevard County's go-to provider. It gets too hot during Florida summers to be without a working Air conditioner. That is why our sales department specializes in getting you a new AC, that is sized right and will cool your house down as efficiently as possible.   Our HVAC technicians are all certified and trained to deal with all types of installs and will get your new system up and running without a glitch. Saving you money, time, and getting you and your family cool faster.

Melbourne's Leading Full Service Air Conditioning Repair, Service and Install Team. 

For over 20 years, Florida Breeze has helped Melbourne, Fl residents choose the right model Air conditioner to keep their houses fresh, and their pocketbooks full. With so many choices of brands and style of units, it's essential to have the guidance of professionals like Florida Breeze to make the right decisions and choose an AC unit that will survive and thrive in the humid Melbourne summers. 

We only carry and sell products that we genuinely believe in, and you can trust Florida Breeze to help guide you towards highly energy-efficient,  durable units, and a top of the line install processes. So, no matter your budget or whether your home is small or large, Florida Breeze will find a solution to help keep your home comfortable. 

AC Installation 

Choosing the right AC Unit is exceptionally important to keep your house fresh and your bill low. Florida Breeze has been installing, repairing, and maintaining Air conditioners in Brevard County, Fl for over 20 years and know exactly how to set your system up for success. All of our technicians are certified and trained in proper procedures, ensuring your new HVAC unit is correctly installed, maximizing its performance, and ensuring that your temperature stays where you set it and minimizing maintenance and energy costs. If you aren't sure how to connect your new AC unit or have questions about an installation, please reach out to our Florida Breeze team. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Once you buy an air conditioning system, it's essential to have routine maintenance to ensure that your AC system runs efferently, and for as long as possible. That is where Melbourne's Favorite AC repair team comes to the rescue. Florida Breeze offers industry-best maintenance plans that include 22 points of performance checks. When you stay up to date with these ongoing services, your air conditioning system will stay running longer and more efficiently, saving your money, headaches and keep you feeling a pleasant breeze through those harsh Melbourne summers. 

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At Florida Breeze, we take a lot of pride in offering exceptional customer service and making sure we get our job right the first time. That is why all of our technicians are certified, experienced, and fully-trained and ready to provide you with an excellent experience. We are family-owned and operated, and Melbourne residents ourselves and want to deliver an exceptional product to Brevard County. You can expect nothing short of a fantastic experience, from purchase, to install, and through the life of your new Air Conditioner with maintenance and repairs. 

Amazing work and fast! Replacement AC at my job which is a Chiropractic office. Mike and Jeff were informative and made the efforts to get us cool again to see patients! Thank you so so much Florida Breeze!